My name is Mitch Markovich owner and operator of Bees-R-Us Apiaries here in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

     It all started 30 years ago,when I was friends with a farmers daughters. I would go to their farm on the weekends and take his daughters for a ride on my 1974 750 Honda motorcycle. A month later the farmer came to me ( his name is Miles ) and asked if I would be interested in keeping Honey Bees, I said no way. About a week later he ask me again and also said, my daughters Love Honey and if you were to marry one of them your going to have to learn to keep Honey Bees. I said OK. About a week later he called and said a swarm of Bees landed in his tree, come to the farm and I'll show you how to catch them. I have my first hive of Honey Bees and I put them in my parents back yard. It ended up I didn't marry any of his daughters, but I still have the Honey Bees.

     I keep and manage over 200 Bee Hives and one of the largest Producer / Packers here in Weastern Pennsylvania. Bees-R-Us Apiaries takes great pride in the way we gather our Honey from the Honey Bees. We start removing Honey from the Honey Bees in early May and finish in the middle of October or wright after the first heavy frost. Bees-R-Us Apiaries is the only Producer / Packer in the World that bottles and sells it's own Honey gathered locally in the Seasons of Spring, Summer and Fall. ( There is no Honey gathered by the Bees in Pennsylvania in the winter months because no flowers bloom at this time). Each season has about 100 different flowers from which the Honey Bees gather the nectar to make Honey for winter use. We extract, bottle and sell Liquid Honey, Cut Comb Honey and Chunk Comb Honey and Bees Wax. ( Chunk Comb Honey is a piece of Cut Comb placed into a wide mouth glass Jar and liquid Honey is poured around it ). Finally Bees-R-Us Apiaries makes and sells Home made Honey candy made with all natural ingredients. We also remove live Honey Bees, Hornets and Wasp from homes and businesses without the use of pesticides.

BEES-R-US-Apiaries Pennsylvania Honey Pricing

12oz. plastic squeeze flip top bear ----each-----$02.50

24oz. "                                      "     each-----$04.50

1#. Glass jar -----------------------------------each-----$03.00

2#. Glass jar------------------------------------each-----$05.50

Cut Comb Honey---(12oz.-$4.00)--(13oz.-$4.50)--(14oz.-$5.00)--(15oz.-$5.50)

All Natural Honey Candy

( Hard tack Honey Pops-------each---$0.35 )

( Sesame and Flax seed Chips------each------ 1.6oz bag-----$0.99 )


                                    2865 Patterson Drive
                                    Aliquippa, Pa. 15001

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